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I write, teach, and travel. Grab a seat, and learn how I left the real world behind. – John  

Rye Ironstone Short Stories

Rye Ironstone: Chernobyl Zombie

Available for presale at Amazon – Book two of the series

The Soviet Union has bred a plague of radioactive zombies destined to destroy NORAD, the world’s most powerful military bunker, and jeopardizes the United States ability to protect the free world. Hydra, the secret biker gang and protective force from Special Bureau One is infiltrated by KGB agents, and must be saved through Ironstone’s quick action and unorthodox investigation skills.

All the while, Rye Ironstone, Special Agent for Bureau One, struggles to stay one step ahead of the radioactive cocaine the Russians are peddling, and with President Reagan’s blessing, sets out to eradicate the cocaine-zombie infestation. But will Rye survive his own zombie transformation?

Releases June 16, 2018 – Pre Order Now at Amazon 

Rye’s second day at Bureau One training camp – Part One

May 10th, 2018|10 Comments

The next morning, I kicked the Vietnam era, woolen covers off my cot and looked around. I was bedded down in a defunct, record store. Waist-high bins held hundreds of titles dating from the dawn of man to sometime in the mid-seventies.  Rock and Pop star posters hung from the walls.

When Bureau One started using the indoor mall for training, they left most of the store fixtures in place. It was great to have all the elbowroom, but I couldn’t get past the looming apocalyptic feel.

The previous day’s training wasn’t so bad after the hounds were called off. They ran me through a battery of psych-evals. One persistent doctor kept shaking his head as I answered the inevitable questions about my mother and father. It didn’t help my case when they showed me the inkblot test. It wasn’t my fault. They did it before dinner and I was hungry.

I pulled […]

Rye’s first day at Bureau One training camp – Part Two

April 30th, 2018|0 Comments

The interior of the building wasn’t any better than the exterior. I stepped through a wall of boarded-over glass doors into what was once a side entrance to the mall’s common area. Once my eyes adjusted, I could see an expanse of ripped and stained carpet extending a few hundred feet to my left. Store fronts, some with security gates torn open, others never closed, lined the passage. To my right were another bank of glass doors. Through the glass I could see a mess hall filling a long defunct department store. A dozen faces pressed against the panes. Their eager expressions relishing my situation.

The gray-haired man stared at me. His braded, pony tail hung to his waste. “You going to just stand there?”

I looked at the jumpsuit I held in my hands and figured it might be best to play along. “Here?”

“You always lead with a question?” He crossed […]

Rye’s first day at Bureau One training camp – Part One

April 15th, 2018|5 Comments

You would think a government funded training camp for special agents who dealt with weird and bizarre investigations would be held is a highly funded and beautifully decorated mansion. This place reeked of sweat and soiled underwear. I didn’t understand the implications of the stinky, tighty-whities until I’d been there a few hours.

The bus had dropped me off at the front of a dilapidated shopping mall. The kind where a big-box-store once provided a small town with all the amenities housewives and children could fantasize. It was the trees growing through the roof that clinched the ambiance. Bricks with cracked mortar dangled from every corner and the windows were either covered in newsprint or plywood. I’d seen plenty of low-rent places in my life, but this relic to urban sprawl made a junkyard feel uptown.

It was Monday and I stood facing the weather-beaten Foto Hut poised along the edge of […]

Free Cosplay Ray Gun – Giveaway

February 8th, 2018|Comments Off on Free Cosplay Ray Gun – Giveaway

Ray Gun Author John Wilkerson** Ended **

I was cleaning out the  workshop and found this ray gun. I must have made it for a costume but can’t remember for what convention. It’s going in the box for one lucky winner. It’s a great costume prop for  Cosplay, Steampunk, Dieselpunk or as a cool sci fi weapon. Join the Giveaway and enter your chance to win.

I’ve also included a stack of books with the Giveaway. I’ll ship the whole bundle to you free, shipping included. United States only.


Piles of books litter the floor of […]

Inspiration is everywhere

January 24th, 2018|Comments Off on Inspiration is everywhere

I keep a digital recorder with me at all times. I have a good one where I dictate notes or blog articles for later conversation by Dragon text-to-speech, but in a pinch, I can use my smartphone.

Digital Recorder John Wilkerson AuthorHaving the recorder paid dividends yesterday. I helped my sister deliver an art project she completed near downtown Tampa, Florida. When we arrived at the home, It turned out to have been owned by a local judge at the turn of the 20th century. The stories the new owners […]

John’s road trip to Nova Scotia

January 21st, 2018|Comments Off on John’s road trip to Nova Scotia

Nova Scotia Author John WilkersonI’m planning a road trip. The online educational classes release in early February, and I have three books in process of editing or writing. It’s going to be a great year, and with some luck, I will be in London and Edinburg over the summer researching the third Rye Ironstone book. Big teaser… Rye and Gael are helping the English version of Special Bureau One solve a most delicate issue. And we all know Rye is as subtle as a hammer. I won’t get too deep into the […]