Indie Author Melissa Gibbo

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Indie Author Melissa Gibbo

Sometimes you just know you want to meet someone. She sat relaxed and preoccupied in the overstuffed chair. Her reflected eyes scanned the room and measured all who passed. I could see stories building—she looked like a writer, her own muse. Her dark suit and Converse high-tops were a perfect mismatch of historical acceptability.

I plopped down in the seat next to her and shuffled a few papers until I could find a way to open the conversation. Is this premeditated? No, well… yes. Besides, she looked […]

Critique group be damned

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Once again I sit at Village Inn. Cooking grease fills the air. The air conditioner labors to extinguish the summer inferno. Condensation drips from the overhead grill and leaves its dark spots on the carpet. Plots and characters swirl adding their flavor to my plastic room.

Papers and a red pencil rest in front of me. Do I sample the disturbingly perfect onion rings or bend to the editing?

The writers critique group dominates my life. Her soul is my mistress and I hunger for her harshness. We all have this relationship with our mistress. Some laugh along […]

Lessons learned from a writers critique group

June 28th, 2016|2 Comments

victorian stange manI joined a writer’s critique group last fall. Hopefully my writing is better because of the experience. At least that’s what the other members are leading me to believe. This is a bit tongue-in-cheek because if everyone in the writers group is struggling to learn to write how can you trust someone’s opinion? I’m lucky, some of the members do write well. It is the ability to see the contrast between the different writers that adds value to everyone’s critiques.

Everyone has a different style or interest in the critiques they […]

Fellows of the Tower Chapter 1 – Lotus

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“Cain, get up here and bring your rifle.” Tomlin lowers his binoculars letting a tired look tighten his face.

Warm rain continues to beat the hemp canvas sails of the twin masted caravel, Lotus. She leans harder to starboard as the crew tightens her lines cutting a foamy lane through the swelling Gulf of Mexico…

Sorry folk’s, I had to take the chapter down. I’ve finished the book and am now doing the final editing. I do have a new project underway for a series I am writing. It’s a mixture of science fiction and  detective thriller. Look for the first installment […]

Girls and Science Fiction

May 4th, 2016|3 Comments

spacegirlswithgunsGone are the days of pimpled faced boys playing Dungeons and Dragons. I am from the generation that was oppressed for my interest in Science Fiction and Fantasy. We hid our passion and played late at night. My gaming books were covered in paper grocery bags. This kept prying eyes from reading the titles on the school bus.

My emotions are mixed when I see all the young women in Cosplay or attending Sci Fi Conventions. Girls were few and far between in my day. One time at Necrnomicon, there was a girl. […]