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Music and my writings

I have reared a couple of children, been host and caretaker to a score of hamsters, and wet nursed several litters of kittens. Taken a wife, worked for a paycheck, and commuted on the Interstate. Broken bones, mended skint knees, and done the grocery shopping. If you can embrace this opening statement then you have a pretty firm grasp of the noise and distractions that permeate our everyday lives. Writing for me is about calm. If the house is in turmoil, leaf blowers whining, or the dishwasher is rumbling I don’t write. This may make me a weenie in the broader scope of controlling my inner resolve but after years of mayhem I no longer fight the crazy. Melodic melancholy music is my writing companion. Throw in a mild classical piece by Chopin or a medley of flute and harp and I can let my mind release its iron cage of [...]

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Supporting Characters – How detailed are their biographies?

When I write I am a two screen person. My main display is open to the word processor and the second screen is open to another document where I keep track of all the characters from the book. This two fisted approach helps me remember who goes where and how characters interact and as the story progresses I keep making notes to the character profiles. It can be difficult to get the first couple of characters developed for a story so I always lead off with them and then subgroup their spouses or significant role models. Next are the supporting [...]

Why Post Apocalyptic Genre

Growing up under the shadow of the cold war will change a child. It did me and it did a whole generation of others. We represent a leading generation of Sci-Fi Fantasy readers that grew up with Asimov, Heinlein, Pratchett, and Niven. These are just a few of the wonderful authors I called my friends late at night when I could steal a few minutes to become lost in their troubled worlds. I have danced in Mundania, traveled through a Tunnel in the Sky, and seen the earth pounded by a meteorite named Hamner, or was it Hammer. These authors [...]

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