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I write, teach, and travel. Grab a seat, and learn how I left the real world behind. – John  

Rye Ironstone Short Stories

Rye Ironstone: Chernobyl Zombie

Available for presale at Amazon – Book two of the series

The Soviet Union has bred a plague of radioactive zombies destined to destroy NORAD, the world’s most powerful military bunker, and jeopardizes the United States ability to protect the free world. Hydra, the secret biker gang and protective force from Special Bureau One is infiltrated by KGB agents, and must be saved through Ironstone’s quick action and unorthodox investigation skills.

All the while, Rye Ironstone, Special Agent for Bureau One, struggles to stay one step ahead of the radioactive cocaine the Russians are peddling, and with President Reagan’s blessing, sets out to eradicate the cocaine-zombie infestation. But will Rye survive his own zombie transformation?

Available at Amazon 

Watch my interview from Tampa Bay Comic Con

August 29th, 2018|Comments Off on Watch my interview from Tampa Bay Comic Con

Wilkerson hangin with web show

August started with a bang. Hangin’ With Web Show did a great job interviewing me at the event. Great job, Sage and Garret

Watch the video on YouTube

Finding Rye Ironstone with Sci-fi Author John Wilkerson: an interview on…

Let’s begin our week Hangin With Sci-fi Author John Wilkerson! Host GW Pomichter talks with John Wilkerson during Tampa Bay Comic Con in Tampa Florida at the Tampa Convention Center to talk about Rye Ironstone…the hero in […]

Excalibur’s Curse – Chapter One

June 9th, 2018|Comments Off on Excalibur’s Curse – Chapter One

Available Fall 2018

Cold mud sucked at my rubber boots causing sticky splatters to cling to the legs of my jeans. The stink of decomposing plant matter and who knew what else drifted upward. The smell filled my mouth and ran down the back of my throat. I couldn’t believe people did this for fun. Gael persuaded me to go mudlarking with the locals, something about finding buried treasure deposited in the silt of the river. My vacation wasn’t going how I’d planned.

“Rye,” she said. “It’s fun, have an open mind, you never know what you’ll find.”

Malarkey. She just […]

Went CHEAP and Got Lucky

February 10th, 2018|Comments Off on Went CHEAP and Got Lucky

Author John Wilkerson

I took a foray into a group mixer I found on Meetup a few days ago. We gathered at CHEAP restaurant and spent the evening trading wild stories about our travels. The restaurant located in South Tampa is in an area I use to frequent many years ago. Back when we were all a little bit younger and on the prowl. I get ahead of myself; on the prowl is not the right word. We were unattached and trying to navigate the perils of meeting people. This was before the […]

Rye’s second day at Bureau One training camp – Part Two

May 31st, 2018|Comments Off on Rye’s second day at Bureau One training camp – Part Two

I stood and flipped the table on its side. Dishes clattered, and spilt coffee splashed to the floor.

“Everybody, into the kitchen.” I pointed my finger at the Samoan and added as much bark to my voice as I could. “Lau, you’re in charge. Get them moving. Move. Move. Move.”

From a far corner, fog billowed from an unknown source and the distinctive sound of the hounds released for the hunt echoed throughout the room.

I grabbed June by the collar, lifted her from her chair, and shoved her toward Lau. “You help him. Go now.”

Her face froze, lips thin, and teeth clenched.

Lau didn’t waste any time. He grabbed June around the waist and slung her over his shoulder. “Everybody follow me to the kitchen.” His booming voice remained calm.

I left the room clearing to my big friend and placed my palm on my pistol. Fog continued to cascade from a distant corner […]

Rye’s second day at Bureau One training camp – Part One

May 10th, 2018|10 Comments

The next morning, I kicked the Vietnam era, woolen covers off my cot and looked around. I was bedded down in a defunct, record store. Waist-high bins held hundreds of titles dating from the dawn of man to sometime in the mid-seventies.  Rock and Pop star posters hung from the walls.

When Bureau One started using the indoor mall for training, they left most of the store fixtures in place. It was great to have all the elbowroom, but I couldn’t get past the looming apocalyptic feel.

The previous day’s training wasn’t so bad after the hounds were called off. They ran me through a battery of psych-evals. One persistent doctor kept shaking his head as I answered the inevitable questions about my mother and father. It didn’t help my case when they showed me the inkblot test. It wasn’t my fault. They did it before dinner and I was hungry.

I pulled […]

Rye’s first day at Bureau One training camp – Part Two

April 30th, 2018|Comments Off on Rye’s first day at Bureau One training camp – Part Two

The interior of the building wasn’t any better than the exterior. I stepped through a wall of boarded-over glass doors into what was once a side entrance to the mall’s common area. Once my eyes adjusted, I could see an expanse of ripped and stained carpet extending a few hundred feet to my left. Store fronts, some with security gates torn open, others never closed, lined the passage. To my right were another bank of glass doors. Through the glass I could see a mess hall filling a long defunct department store. A dozen faces pressed against the panes. Their eager expressions relishing my situation.

The gray-haired man stared at me. His braded, pony tail hung to his waste. “You going to just stand there?”

I looked at the jumpsuit I held in my hands and figured it might be best to play along. “Here?”

“You always lead with a question?” He crossed […]