Caravel Lotus Fellows of the TowerCaravels were ships that explored the world. Old Portugal used them to traverse the Atlantic as early as the fifteen hundreds. After a few hundred years they went through several remodels providing more and more service such as light warships, cargo haulers, and world exploration. They were known for their ability to cut well into the wind, drawing little water and due to this short draw are prized by the Tower for their ability to travel up rivers and into shallow harbors.

The Lateen rig sails aid in her ability to cut the wind and sail under obstructions, primarily old bridge supports. A unique feature is her spinnaker. The oversized canvas is not normal for ships of this stature but somehow Captain Rains seems to pull off the impossible.

The two pound rifle measures about five feet in length, made from welded steel, and set in a bronze carriage to support the weapon and is capable of striking a target well over 1000 yards. What makes the weapon so remarkable is its rate of fire. Each rifle is operated with an opening breach accessed by dropping the charging handle. Jacketed iron shells, powder, and primer like an old time shotgun shell can then be inserted. With an experienced crew of three, the rifle can fire up to ten rounds per minute. As opposed to the bronze cannons which fire once every minute with a crew of three.