spacegirlswithgunsGone are the days of pimpled faced boys playing Dungeons and Dragons. I am from the generation that was oppressed for my interest in Science Fiction and Fantasy. We hid our passion and played late at night. My gaming books were covered in paper grocery bags. This kept prying eyes from reading the titles on the school bus.

My emotions are mixed when I see all the young women in Cosplay or attending Sci Fi Conventions. Girls were few and far between in my day. One time at Necrnomicon, there was a girl. This was the mid to late 80’s. She was wearing a chainmail shirt. We were enthralled. She had a friend with her. Two girls at a Con–Beyond imagination. I remember my encounter with her. The two of them entered the elevator with me and a couple of my buddies.

We were geeks, nerds, and scared of girls. We were silent. The girls giggled. I felt like a loser. I am sure these now grown women have children that dress the part. Boyfriends in tow, equally interested in the genre.

Gradually, more and more girls started to appear at the Con’s and D&D sessions. Then the girls grew to women. Many of us old-time gamers married these charming sprites. It was a long fought journey but in the end we slew the dragon.

My nieces think it’s normal to attend Sci Fi Conventions. Their mother raised them right. I also poked and prodded. Uncles can be mischievous. Holiday gifts that help build an interest or a movie night where you choose an old Sci Fi classic. They were lead along the path to this wonderful world of Fantasy. I am guilty and proud of it.

All you younger guys consider this the next time you see the Spandex clad girls walking the halls of a Con. We, my peers and I built this for you. We did the hard work. Enjoy.



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Mr. Wilkerson is a writer of short stories and novels. He also writes and publishes the "Old Man Karate" blog. A graduate of the University of North Florida, he makes his home in central Florida which lends an influence to writing about the landscape he knows so well.


  1. Ashley May 5, 2016 at 12:24 pm

    John, truly an awesome observation that I have never thought of before! I’ve actually always wanted to attend one of these conferences. Science Fiction is certainly becoming more interesting for me. I wonder, where should I start? Thanks!

  2. John Wilkerson May 5, 2016 at 1:08 pm

    Necronomicon mentioned above is in October. It is a Tampa based Con. We also have a large Anime Con – Metrocon.(July)

    Thanks Ashley, It has been enlightening to see how the genre and acceptability has changed over the years.

  3. Gypsy Traveller May 5, 2016 at 2:24 pm

    And what a brilliant world you and yours have wrought. From Captain Kirk’s blue vixen to Firefly’s Brown Coat Zoë Washburne, I too have seen the world of Sci-fi change to become more inclusive of all manner of lady folk. The future is shiny, John, shiny.

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