Mr. Wilkerson is a savvy article writer, content creator, and educator, specializing in complex financial and technical topics.

He has written web content for over twenty years and is a ghostwriter for technology publications, with the capability to shift an author’s voice and point-of-view as required.

One of his specialties is ghostwriting articles or personal memoirs for business owners and executives who wish to add a human voice to their corporate website and newsletter.

He also works as a newspaper journalist covering the news desk: city council and county commissioner meetings, economic development, infrastructure improvement, and human interest.

With thirty years as a business manager and owner, he possesses the ability to bridge the gap between corporate management, employee, and end customer. His experience includes: electronic manufacturing, commercial moving, construction, and facility maintenance.

He is an educator and lecturer with a specialty in writing dialog, first person point-of-view (POV), and conflict.

He is the author of the Rye Ironstone science-fiction thriller series. He has several books in development and spends time between his home in Houston, Texas and Tampa, Florida.

Professional and Speaking Engagements

2019 Imaginarium Writers Conference – Faculty Member
* Fight Scene Mechanics
* Finding Your Motivation
* Punctuation: Does it Matter?

2019 Royal Palm Literary Awards – Judge

2019 Florida Writers Association – Tampa, FL Chapter – “Writing Conflict”

2019 Hernando/Pasco State College – “Creative Fiction Techniques”

2018 Florida Writers Association – Faculty Member
* The Emotional Mechanics of a Fight Scene (Workshop Presenter)
* Who’s Laughing Now? Being Funny Is Serious Business (Panel Moderator)
* Bring It on Home to Me: Nailing the Ending (Panel)

2018 Florida Writers Association Youth Conference – Faculty Member

2018 Hernando/Pasco State College – “Authors as Artists”

2018 Comic Con Tampa Bay – “How to Write Science Fiction and Fantasy”

2018 Royal Palm Literary Awards – Judge

2017 Comic Con Tampa Bay – Panelist for “How to Be a Fiction Writer”

2017 Necronomicon – Panelist and host for numerous discussion panels

Watch my interview from Tampa Bay Comic Con

August 29th, 2018|Comments Off on Watch my interview from Tampa Bay Comic Con

Wilkerson hangin with web show

August started with a bang. Hangin’ With Web Show did a great job interviewing me at the event. Great job, Sage and Garret

Watch the video on YouTube

Finding Rye Ironstone with Sci-fi Author John Wilkerson: an interview on…

Let’s begin our week Hangin With Sci-fi Author John Wilkerson! Host GW Pomichter talks with John Wilkerson during Tampa Bay Comic Con in Tampa Florida at the Tampa Convention Center to talk about Rye Ironstone…the hero in […]

Excalibur’s Curse – Chapter One

June 9th, 2018|Comments Off on Excalibur’s Curse – Chapter One

Book Is in Development

Cold mud sucked at my rubber boots causing sticky splatters to cling to the legs of my jeans. The stink of decomposing plant matter and who knew what else drifted upward. The smell filled my mouth and ran down the back of my throat. I couldn’t believe people did this for fun. Gael persuaded me to go mudlarking with the locals, something about finding buried treasure deposited in the silt of the river. My vacation wasn’t going how I’d planned.

“Rye,” she said. “It’s fun, have an open mind, you never know what you’ll find.”

Malarkey. She […]

Went CHEAP and Got Lucky

February 10th, 2018|Comments Off on Went CHEAP and Got Lucky

Author John Wilkerson

I took a foray into a group mixer I found on Meetup a few days ago. We gathered at CHEAP restaurant and spent the evening trading wild stories about our travels. The restaurant located in South Tampa is in an area I use to frequent many years ago. Back when we were all a little bit younger and on the prowl. I get ahead of myself; on the prowl is not the right word. We were unattached and trying to navigate the perils of meeting people. This was before the […]