Nova Scotia Author John WilkersonI’m planning a road trip. The online educational classes release in early February, and I have three books in process of editing or writing. It’s going to be a great year, and with some luck, I will be in London and Edinburg over the summer researching the third Rye Ironstone book. Big teaser… Rye and Gael are helping the English version of Special Bureau One solve a most delicate issue. And we all know Rye is as subtle as a hammer. I won’t get too deep into the plot line, but I will say, look for lots of politically incorrect one liners spinning through Rye’s cluttered brain. And something about the crown jewels. I also think a lovely Welsh lady may capture Rye’s admiration. I’m also considering a bit of a twisted steampunk crossover with this book.

I digress. The travel to the UK is not the road trip, it’s a business trip.

The real road trip; I want to see Nova Scotia. Never been and always wanted to visit. In my early teen years, I lived outside Boston. While it was cold during the winters, the summers are beautiful and I enjoy the Atlantic coastal landscape. I thought I would cross the border in Maine and hop a ferry. I’ll be staying in cheap hostels and eating canned chili.

Nova Scotia Road Trip John WilkersonThe old BMW finally gave out and I upgraded to a snazzy American made SUV capable of making the trip. It anyone wants to meet up for a beer, dinner, or a chance to talk shop; drop me an email. The schedule looks like the trip will take place after the first of August.

I’m open for suggestions for where to stay and what to see. It’s always more fun to see the sights when a local can point you in the right direction.

To make the trip more fun, I will also be including a visit to many of the martial artists I know. I have a large network of men and women who own schools and I plan to drop-in for a visit and training.

It will be an exciting six to eight weeks, and if all things go right, I’ll be back in time for the Florida Writers Association October conference.

More to come as I plan the trip.