About John Wilkerson

Mr. Wilkerson is a writer of short stories and novels. He also writes and publishes the "Old Man Karate" blog. A graduate of the University of North Florida, he makes his home in central Florida which lends an influence to writing about the landscape he knows so well.

Rye’s first day at Bureau One training camp – Part One

You would think a government funded training camp for special agents who dealt with weird and bizarre investigations would be held is a highly funded and beautifully decorated mansion. This place reeked of sweat and soiled underwear. I didn’t understand the implications of the stinky, tighty-whities until I’d been there a few hours. The [...]

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Gael explains how Bureau One started

My Appalachian-mountain home still looked like a backyard sandbox after thirty, rowdy children spent an afternoon jacked up on ice cream and cake. Gael and I were staying in a hotel a couple of miles outside of town. Mother Tesla was dead, and Blonde sent off to some far-off government research lab. I’m sure [...]

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John’s road trip to Nova Scotia

I’m planning a road trip. The online educational classes release in early February, and I have three books in process of editing or writing. It’s going to be a great year, and with some luck, I will be in London and Edinburg over the summer researching the third Rye Ironstone book. Big teaser… Rye and [...]

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Do I give the antagonist a POV scene?

A few days ago, I spent an afternoon with my critique group. We met at the local library, and spent three hours discussing the concept the point of view (POV). As we plunged into the topic, an interesting fact I knew about myself became known to the group.  I have never written a novella, short [...]

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Senses as a writers tool

In the writer’s world of storytelling, we speak of how to use the five senses. Smell is a sense I try to incorporate into every story. Our noses have the ability to awaken lost memories, and transport us to locations far faster than any other device. Recently, I found myself visiting a family member in [...]

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