How to start and finish your novel

Education provides a means to achieving your goals. For years I struggled with my writing, finding I lacked the most basic of skills. We as writers are artists and artistic expression takes practice, patience, and carefully honed education. It’s possible to spend years trying to learn the nuances of how to write a book or novella, or you could embrace education and dramatically increase your chances of success. Sit back, watch a course and let the learning begin.

Watch the free overview for lots of great information

This video course breaks down novel writing into three areas:

  • Creating the big idea – 46 minutes
  • Successful outlining strategies – 45 minutes
  • Techniques to get edited words on paper – 46 minutes

By the time you work through all three videos,  you will have the skills and knowledge to tackle the project.

Cost – $20.00 for three-video course.

Author John Wilkerson Big Idea for novel writing

We lead off with discussing the Big Idea. It answers the questions: How are characters created? What kind of detail goes into world building? What do you mean I need a plot? and gives you techniques to answer the question, What is my story about?

Author John Wilkerson Outlining your book

Building the Book focuses on the mechanics of outlining, and yes you need to do some sort of outline. It may only be the first and last chapter, but you need to know where to start and finish. We also cover the concept of a book map along with presenting the idea of making your first chapter read like an open ended short story. Prologs, and how to establish the plot are covered, as is understanding the different forms of point of view for main characters and bad guys.

Author John Wilkerson editing your book

Putting Words on Paper covers the author’s voice and writing style. We learn to focus on punctuation and what may or may not be appropriate for your type of fiction, and blending dialog styles for each character. What do you do when your editor or critique group gives you back your manuscript covered in red ink? Don’t fret, we cover this topic and how to correct plot errors, and tricks for working through the entire manuscript without losing your mind.