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Wilkerson hangin with web show

August started with a bang. Hangin’ With Web Show did a great job interviewing me at the event. Great job, Sage and Garret

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Finding Rye Ironstone with Sci-fi Author John Wilkerson: an interview on…

Let’s begin our week Hangin With Sci-fi Author John Wilkerson! Host GW Pomichter talks with John Wilkerson during Tampa Bay Comic Con in Tampa Florida at the Tampa Convention Center to talk about Rye Ironstone…the hero in […]

Excalibur’s Curse – Chapter One

Book Is in Development

Cold mud sucked at my rubber boots causing sticky splatters to cling to the legs of my jeans. The stink of decomposing plant matter and who knew what else drifted upward. The smell filled my mouth and ran down the back of my throat. I couldn’t believe people did this for fun. Gael persuaded me to go mudlarking with the locals, something about finding buried treasure deposited in the silt of the river. My vacation wasn’t going how I’d planned.

“Rye,” she said. “It’s fun, have an open mind, you never know what you’ll find.”

Malarkey. She […]

Went CHEAP and Got Lucky

Author John Wilkerson

I took a foray into a group mixer I found on Meetup a few days ago. We gathered at CHEAP restaurant and spent the evening trading wild stories about our travels. The restaurant located in South Tampa is in an area I use to frequent many years ago. Back when we were all a little bit younger and on the prowl. I get ahead of myself; on the prowl is not the right word. We were unattached and trying to navigate the perils of meeting people. This was before the […]

Prepare for opportunity to appear

Prepare of opportunity Author John WilkersonPrepare for opportunity to appear, and when it does, grasp with your full being.

Can you feel the characters speak to you?

Heron stands in the blue estuary,

Solitary, white, unmoving for hours.

A fish! Quick avain darting;

The prey captured.

Free Cosplay Ray Gun – Giveaway

Ray Gun Author John Wilkerson** Ended **

I was cleaning out the  workshop and found this ray gun. I must have made it for a costume but can’t remember for what convention. It’s going in the box for one lucky winner. It’s a great costume prop for  Cosplay, Steampunk, Dieselpunk or as a cool sci fi weapon. Join the Giveaway and enter your chance to win.

I’ve also included a stack of books with the Giveaway. I’ll ship the whole bundle to you free, shipping included. United States only.


Piles of books litter the floor of […]

Join the patterns of life

Join the patterns of life Author John WilkersonJoin the patterns of life. Do not alienate yourself from the evolution of the natural process

Write with the flow of the words.

Crimson light through pine shadows.

Setting sun settling in the ocean.

Night follows the setting sun,

Day follows the fleeing moon.

Creation follows set patterns

Creation follows set patterns Author John WilkersonCreating something new follows set patterns. The closer we get to completion, the less influence we have upon the original plan.

Creative writing is follows a path not always understood by the writer.

Potter at the wheel.

From centering to finished pot.

Form increases as options decereas; 

Softness goes to hardness.

Chaos follows calm

Chaos follows calm Author John WilkersonBe wise with your understanding of life’s fortunes.

Change will float like a pendulum.

Chaos follows calm, which will once again lead calm.

Writing is like riding the ocean.

Fire cools,

Water seeks its own level.

Crisis not brought by malevolent forces

Author John WilkersonCrisis is a fact of life. It is not wrought by malevolent forces. Adapt your life and continue to grow.

Continue to write, even when karma steals your words.

Mute black night,

Sudden fire.


Everyday is precious


Everyday is precious Author John WilkersonEveryday is precious, do not squander it. Tomorrow will come, so continually lay your foundation.

A writer’s words flow along with the mood of the day.

Clearing blue sky,
A promise in bare branches.
In winter, there are sunny days.
In adulthood, childhood can return.



Work with the flow of your needs

Work with the flow of your needs. You cannot force progress, merely assist its meandering trail.

Writers sync their lives to their words; both written and imaganined.

The woodcutter

Works in all seasons.

Splitting wood is both

Action and inaction.

8.	Work with the flow of your needs - Author John Wilkerson

Inspiration is everywhere

I keep a digital recorder with me at all times. I have a good one where I dictate notes or blog articles for later conversation by Dragon text-to-speech, but in a pinch, I can use my smartphone.

Digital Recorder John Wilkerson AuthorHaving the recorder paid dividends yesterday. I helped my sister deliver an art project she completed near downtown Tampa, Florida. When we arrived at the home, It turned out to have been owned by a local judge at the turn of the 20th century. The stories the new owners […]

Make peace with our lives

Make peace with our lives and bear our fortunes with grace.

Your writing success will ebb and flow.

Arctic breath coils the mountain,

Rattling the forests’ bones.

Raindrops cling to branches”

Jewelled adornments flung to earth.

Make peace with our lives

You already contain your destiny

You already contain your destiny… break free from your shell and grow.

Write with abandon, and be the master of your words.

Thunder and rain at night.

Growth comes with a shock.

Expression and duration

Appear in the first moment.

You already contain your destiny John Wilkerson Author


John’s road trip to Nova Scotia

Nova Scotia Author John WilkersonI’m planning a road trip. The online educational classes release in early February, and I have three books in process of editing or writing. It’s going to be a great year, and with some luck, I will be in London and Edinburg over the summer researching the third Rye Ironstone book. Big teaser… Rye and Gael are helping the English version of Special Bureau One solve a most delicate issue. And we all know Rye is as subtle as a hammer. I won’t get too deep into the […]

Sit in silence meditate the mind

Sit in silence.

Meditate the mind.

Cleanse the spirit.

The writer’s muse is elusive. It can not be found through force of will.

Wind in the cave:

Movement in the stillness.

Power in silence.

5.	Sit in silence. Meditate the mind. Cleanse the spirit. John Wilkerson Author


Keep trying to improve the inner me

I keep trying to improve the inner me—maybe I should remove the inner barriers and embrace the outer world.

Writers require inspiration. Wander  about the world, freely.

Washing at dawn:

Rinse away dreams.

Protect the gods within,

and clarify the inner spirit.

I keep trying to improve the inner me John Wilkerson Author

Do I give the antagonist a POV scene?

author john wilkerson antagonistA few days ago, I spent an afternoon with my critique group. We met at the local library, and spent three hours discussing the concept the point of view (POV). As we plunged into the topic, an interesting fact I knew about myself became known to the group.  I have never written a novella, short story, or worked on a novel where I have given a scene to an antagonist.  All of my writings to date are always around the protagonist.

They questioned me on this, and I wasn’t quite […]

Child eyes saw newness every day

My child eyes saw newness every day. Why have my adult eyes been blinded to this joy?

We as writers we must learn to look beyond the obvious and instead think of the impossible.

This is the moment of embarking.
All auspicious signs are in place.

My child eyes saw newness every day. Why have my adult eyes been blinded to this joy? John Wilkerson Author

Tips to help edit your writing

Typewriter John Wilkerson AuthorThis is the guide I created to help me edit. I keep track of my problem words and search them out with the intensity of a bloodhound. If you want it in an easily printable PDF, join the email newsletter and I’ll attach the PDF in the welcome email. It’s formatting is much better than this webpage.

The PDF contains the following heading: Useless Words, Special Punctuation and Lettering, Adverbs, Adjectives, Passive Sentences

Useless Words


These words do not add impact and are distracting. So, they are really vague and make […]

Senses as a writers tool

In the writer’s world of storytelling, we speak of how to use the five senses. Smell is a sense I try to incorporate into every story. Our noses have the ability to awaken lost memories, and transport us to locations far faster than any other device.

Recently, I found myself visiting a family member in a convalescent home. As I walked down the hall, I could smell the lingering stink of loose bowels, and astringent cleanser. Mixed with the freshly laid floor wax, and the sweetness of unwashed bodies; a multitude of youthful […]

Necronomicon is this weekend and I’m hosting discussion panels

Necronomicon 2017Somehow I ended up hosting all the discussion panels I signed on to participate in. It’s either going to be a riot of fun or slugfests.

Here are is my schedule and the questions I will be presenting to the panels.

Necronomicon Questions 2017

Friday 4:00                Story Crafting: Are you over thinking the story?              Host

Ire, Ludwigsen, Hatfield, DiChario, Kane

Are you a plodder or a plotter?

How do you use technology to plot a story? Paper and pencil, spreadsheets, Scrivener?

Is a story outline necessary and if so, when?

Character emotions and how the reader relates are extremely […]

Created, The Destroyer (The Destroyer #1)

Remo has been my hero since I read my first Destroyer book in 1980. An old cranky, but warm hearted martial arts teacher tries to bring life and enlightenment to the epitome of modern day American social detachment.  His partner Remo revolted to the classical eastern philosophy, and in the end they were a team created to save the word one soap opera at a time.

We all knew the books were written around Remo, but we all longed to see what mischief Chiun could stir into the pot of political incorrectness. Was this first title great? No, but it did […]