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Wilkerson hangin with web show

August started with a bang. Hangin’ With Web Show did a great job interviewing me at the event. Great job, Sage and Garret

Watch the video on YouTube

Let’s begin our week Hangin With Sci-fi Author John Wilkerson! Host GW Pomichter talks with John Wilkerson during Tampa Bay Comic Con in Tampa Florida at the Tampa Convention Center to talk about Rye Ironstone…the hero in his series who finds Nikola Tesla’s DeathRay! Take a moment and Come Hang […]

Excalibur’s Curse – Chapter One

Book Is in Development

Cold mud sucked at my rubber boots causing sticky splatters to cling to the legs of my jeans. The stink of decomposing plant matter and who knew what else drifted upward. The smell filled my mouth and ran down the back of my throat. I couldn’t believe people did this for fun. Gael persuaded me to go mudlarking with the locals, something about finding buried treasure deposited in the silt of the river. My vacation wasn’t going how I’d planned.

“Rye,” she said. “It’s fun, have an open mind, you never know what you’ll find.”

Malarkey. She […]

John’s road trip to Nova Scotia

Nova Scotia Author John WilkersonI’m planning a road trip. The online educational classes release in early February, and I have three books in process of editing or writing. It’s going to be a great year, and with some luck, I will be in London and Edinburg over the summer researching the third Rye Ironstone book. Big teaser… Rye and Gael are helping the English version of Special Bureau One solve a most delicate issue. And we all know Rye is as subtle as a hammer. I won’t get too deep into the […]

Do I give the antagonist a POV scene?

author john wilkerson antagonistA few days ago, I spent an afternoon with my critique group. We met at the local library, and spent three hours discussing the concept the point of view (POV). As we plunged into the topic, an interesting fact I knew about myself became known to the group.  I have never written a novella, short story, or worked on a novel where I have given a scene to an antagonist.  All of my writings to date are always around the protagonist.

They questioned me on this, and I wasn’t quite […]

Senses as a writers tool

In the writer’s world of storytelling, we speak of how to use the five senses. Smell is a sense I try to incorporate into every story. Our noses have the ability to awaken lost memories, and transport us to locations far faster than any other device.

Recently, I found myself visiting a family member in a convalescent home. As I walked down the hall, I could smell the lingering stink of loose bowels, and astringent cleanser. Mixed with the freshly laid floor wax, and the sweetness of unwashed bodies; a multitude of youthful […]

Necronomicon is this weekend and I’m hosting discussion panels

Necronomicon 2017Somehow I ended up hosting all the discussion panels I signed on to participate in. It’s either going to be a riot of fun or slugfests.

Here are is my schedule and the questions I will be presenting to the panels.

Necronomicon Questions 2017

Friday 4:00                Story Crafting: Are you over thinking the story?              Host

Ire, Ludwigsen, Hatfield, DiChario, Kane

Are you a plodder or a plotter?

How do you use technology to plot a story? Paper and pencil, spreadsheets, Scrivener?

Is a story outline necessary and if so, when?

Character emotions and how the reader relates are extremely […]

Created, The Destroyer (The Destroyer #1)

Remo has been my hero since I read my first Destroyer book in 1980. An old cranky, but warm hearted martial arts teacher tries to bring life and enlightenment to the epitome of modern day American social detachment.  His partner Remo revolted to the classical eastern philosophy, and in the end they were a team created to save the word one soap opera at a time.

We all knew the books were written around Remo, but we all longed to see what mischief Chiun could stir into the pot of political incorrectness. Was this first title great? No, but it did […]

How to get started in Action and Fantasy Writing – Tampa Bay Comic Con

Tampa Bay Comic Con 2017 was a blast. I sat down with several authors at the ACTION AND FANTASY WRITING: HOW DO YOU GET STARTED panel and answered questions for the audience. What a treat.

On the panel – ‘left to right.’


How to get started in Action and Fantasy Writing – Part 1

How to […]

Greek Helmet Tampa Bay Comic Con Giveaway


Look what I found in the back closet. Some wayward Greek adventure must have stopped by years ago and left his helmet. Not sure what I would do with it a crazy Greek helmet. Maybe someone would want it for Cosplay, SCA, Reenactors, Fantasy, or a rockin’ night on the town. Padding included, ready to wear. Size: Adult. All steel construction.



Rye Ironstone Graphic Novel Character Concept Art

Rye Ironstone Concept Art Graphic NovelI had someone create watercolor sketches of Rye Ironstone. This is the first rendition, or rough idea page. We made corrections and I now have a direction to follow.

Good chance the finished image of this concept will be an upcoming postcard.

I’m also considering doing a free signed postcard to people who join the mail list. Something to consider.









Artist: Coz

Love the Novella

John Wilkerson Science Fiction AuthorFor years I was enthralled by six hundred page books. I felt I could not get value unless the book contained lots of pages. I suffered through some behemoths that were so filled with useless words that I still cringe from their reading.

Enter my interest in the novella. I like to read them and I like to write them. I still read longer novels but before I take on the daunting task of measuring my reading by the pound, I have to evaluate what is going on in […]

Rye Ironstone Mother Tesla Chap 3 Edits on Patreon

John Wilkerson Author PatreonChapter 3 is now ready. I want to thank all the Super-Fans who are following the creation of this first Rye Ironstone book. Patreon Super-Fan Site.

If you want to read the first chapter as it will appear in the book, check out the Rye Ironstone Page.

I’m on schedule for a late July 2017 release date. Make sure you join the newsletter on the main website. That’s were I announce when the books area available for free on Amazon.

The second book has been […]

I will be at Tampa Bay Comic Con 2017

John Wilkerson Tampa Bay Comic Con 2017It’s official. I’ll be on a discussion panel for Tampa Bay Comic Con 2017.

The details


Saturday 10:30am – 11:30am // Rm. 5

Many of us have a writer inside, many of us have great ideas for that next great graphic novel or Fantasy/ SciFi Novel, but how do you get started? Rod Martinez and a panel of published authors will discuss the process and answer questions from those in the audience who want […]

Rye Ironstone Special Bureau One Badge

Rye Ironstone Security Badge Special Bureau OneI ordered the printing for the ‘Special Bureau One’ badges this week. Will be bringing a couple thousand of them to Tampa Bay Comic Con to give out.

Track me down in the halls to get one.

Free book download on the back of the badges.

I plan to be at the event Friday and Saturday.

Rocket Backwoods of Florida

Florida Space Alien MissileDear Mom,

Guess what this is?

Yep, a rocket ship. I found it in the middle of Florida near a ball field. Who would have thought.

The plaque at the bottom said it was a 1960’s defense missile and carried some crazy warhead. Truth is, it was used for overseas cargo delivery of alien artifacts.

See, the problem was that the space aliens kept stealing our military and technology secretes when we shipped them by cargo ship or jet plane. The solution was easy—a big honking missile delivery system.

Don’t let anyone tell you […]

Fort Foster Rafael Sanchez

Rye Ironstone Fort Foster FloridaDear Mom,

I met Dr. Gael Gale a few months ago. Cool lady!

Passed by this old fort in Florida on my way to the Conch Republic. Met a ghost named Rafael Sanchez. I’ll tell you the story next time we get together. It’s a dozy. Swords fights galore.

Love Rye



Oxford Exchange Book Fair 2017

This past Sunday I stopped by the Oxford Exchange 3rd Annual Book Fair

It was my first trip to the local bookstore, coffee shop, and restaurant situated across the street from the University of Tampa. I had ulterior motives. Ricky Keck from my writers critique group was in attendance as one of the thirty writers representing local talent.

I like book fairs. My wife tells me I’m an introvert, she may be right, but when I get in a room full of writers, my words flow. I want to know about their characters, how […]

Indie Author Melissa Gibbo

Indie Author Melissa Gibbo

Sometimes you just know you want to meet someone. She sat relaxed and preoccupied in the overstuffed chair. Her reflected eyes scanned the room and measured all who passed. I could see stories building—she looked like a writer, her own muse. Her dark suit and Converse high-tops were a perfect mismatch of historical acceptability.

I plopped down in the seat next to her and shuffled a few papers until I could find a way to open the conversation. Is this premeditated? No, well… yes. Besides, she looked […]

Web Content is Like Candy

web content is like candyTwenty years later and with the web world driving our marketing efforts, it still surprises me that this lesson must be re-taught. Maybe it’s because social media snapshots drive so much of the marketing efforts.

Have our attention spans shortened? Maybe, but in the realm of long term strategies you still can’t beat good quality content. And quality is what’s so important. Just driving hits to your webpage won’t convert hits to dollars. It will skew your website traffic analytics and this can be problematic.

Of course I present this […]

Critique group be damned

Once again I sit at Village Inn. Cooking grease fills the air. The air conditioner labors to extinguish the summer inferno. Condensation drips from the overhead grill and leaves its dark spots on the carpet. Plots and characters swirl adding their flavor to my plastic room.

Papers and a red pencil rest in front of me. Do I sample the disturbingly perfect onion rings or bend to the editing?

The writers critique group dominates my life. Her soul is my mistress and I hunger for her harshness. We all have this relationship with our mistress. Some laugh along […]

Lessons learned from a writers critique group

victorian stange manI joined a writer’s critique group last fall. Hopefully my writing is better because of the experience. At least that’s what the other members are leading me to believe. This is a bit tongue-in-cheek because if everyone in the writers group is struggling to learn to write how can you trust someone’s opinion? I’m lucky, some of the members do write well. It is the ability to see the contrast between the different writers that adds value to everyone’s critiques.

Everyone has a different style or interest in the critiques they […]

Fellows of the Tower Chapter 1 – Lotus

“Cain, get up here and bring your rifle.” Tomlin lowers his binoculars letting a tired look tighten his face.

Warm rain continues to beat the hemp canvas sails of the twin masted caravel, Lotus. She leans harder to starboard as the crew tightens her lines cutting a foamy lane through the swelling Gulf of Mexico…

Sorry folk’s, I had to take the chapter down. I’ve finished the book and am now doing the final editing. I do have a new project underway for a series I am writing. It’s a mixture of science fiction and  detective thriller. Look for the first installment […]

Girls and Science Fiction

spacegirlswithgunsGone are the days of pimpled faced boys playing Dungeons and Dragons. I am from the generation that was oppressed for my interest in Science Fiction and Fantasy. We hid our passion and played late at night. My gaming books were covered in paper grocery bags. This kept prying eyes from reading the titles on the school bus.

My emotions are mixed when I see all the young women in Cosplay or attending Sci Fi Conventions. Girls were few and far between in my day. One time at Necrnomicon, there was a girl. […]

Lotus and her armament

Caravel Lotus Fellows of the TowerCaravels were ships that explored the world. Old Portugal used them to traverse the Atlantic as early as the fifteen hundreds. After a few hundred years they went through several remodels providing more and more service such as light warships, cargo haulers, and world exploration. They were known for their ability to cut well into the wind, drawing little water and due to this short draw are prized by the Tower for their ability to travel up rivers and into shallow harbors.

The Lateen rig sails aid in […]

Creativeindie – A website worth reading

dereknewEvery few months I come across a website that zeros in on a topic or project I am struggling with.  CreativeIndie is a true inspiration. Derek has done a great job developing a methodology for Indie authors to launch their own digital publishing. If you find yourself wondering how to make the backend of your book publishing work, check out the site.

This past year has seen me begin to develop my first book and like all authors there are behind the scene decisions that need to be made. Derek’s approach to publishing is analytical […]