Client Check Sheet

Client Check Sheet

As a former marketing manager, I found it difficult to watch sales staff labor over the creation of blog articles. In many cases, they would spend four to five hours attempting to polish their stories. Not only must the company pay salary for these individuals, it must also absorb the lost opportunity from the sales staff not tending to new business.

It’s a two-fold problem. The company needs sales and it needs articles.

It’s not wise for website content and blog articles to be written by junior members within an organization. Most don’t have the skills to bring the company’s voice to life, nor understand the advertising or educational needs of the end customer.

Ghostwriters bridge the gap by creating professional content capable of educating the customer, building the company’s brand, and bolstering website presence. The professional writer can do it cheaper than having your sales manager or sales staff pen the articles themselves.

As a professional writer, I have worked on both sides of the project. I have hired professionals to assist me and have helped other writers complete their projects. Foremost is the fact that professional writing, especially for today’s competitive market, requires a team effort.

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