Client Check Sheet

Client Check Sheet

Blog articles increase website interaction via the placement of articles at the organization’s website, external websites, and/or social media sites. These articles, or short blurbs, are written with the express purpose of increasing the organization’s website influence or ranking.

If the article is placed on the organization’s website, its purpose is to produce searchable web content in hopes that the search engine will direct web users to the website. The organization gains the benefit of having pertinent content and direct visitation to their website. Internal backlinks (webpage hyperlinks) are included within the article to direct the reader to visit other pages within the organization’s website.

When the article is placed at an outside web location, a backlink is contained within the body of the article that links to the organization’s website. The hope is that by spreading these articles at other locations, visitors will follow the backlinks and visit the organization’s website. Another benefit is that if the article is placed at a better ranked website, the organization’s website garners website ranking influence from the other site.

Note: It is possible for an organization to maintain more than one independent website, and the practice of posting articles at one site to drive visitor traffic to a different website is acceptable. The issue that arises is that once an article is placed at its other owned sites, the organization has exhausted this avenue of opportunity.

At the end of the day it is the story that matters. You want the website visitor to read the content, find value, visit other pages within the website, and share the content within their social media channels.

Questions to ask about your organization’s blog article content

  • Do you have a business blog?
  • How many posts per month are you considering?
  • Are you interested in promoting your blog with social media?
  • Can the firm realistically generate the articles inhouse?