Alright, I’ll do the best I can to explain this. The Rye Ironstone books are available on Amazon. However, I also write short stories for Rye. If you don’t know who Rye is… let’s just say he’s overly confident in his skills with strange investigations, women, and the pistol he calls Holly. His confidence tends to get him in trouble.

The stories are presented here as a list. I try to do it by chronological order so the story line continues along with the book.  The story starts while Reagan is president, the Berlin wall still stands, and Rye is a young man learning to survive the perils of Secret Bureau One.

If you haven’t read the first book, it may be difficult to understand what’s going on. Don’t worry. It’s probably still free at Amazon. If you download it, please leave me feedback. I use the website to build the backstory. Several characters featured in the short stories are not in the books. The same with some of the characters from the books; you won’t see them here.  Hope you enjoy the stories.

These stories are not edited or proofread. I slap them out as a way to build backstory for my novels. John Wilkerson Author Education

Gael explains how Bureau One started

My Appalachian-mountain home still looked like a backyard sandbox after thirty, rowdy children spent an afternoon jacked up on ice cream and cake. Gael and I were staying in a hotel a couple of [...]