Rye Ironstone - John WilkersonRye Ironstone is a blast to write. I made the decision early on to keep the series to myself and not pursue traditional publishing for the books. I wrote the first story as a way to encourage readers to immerse themselves in a wild 1980’s science fiction thriller, and to introduce me as a writer. It took me about four months of practice to decide how to write Rye. The project began as a typical 3rd person story, but I found it was impossible to bring Rye to life if the reader couldn’t see the world through Rye’s eyes.

I also explored writing it in present tense, but found it confusing to write and read because it is a historical piece from the 1980’s. After about the third pass through one of the critique groups I work with, I settled on 1st person past tense. This let me present every crazy thought that passed through Rye’s cluttered brain. When I did this, something unexpected happened. Rye went campy and the women in the critique group loved his honest and boyish demeanor. One of the women in the group said, “I love me some Rye.” Who would have thought I could come up with a wannabe hero who has the uncanny skill of always winning despite the mayhem crashing down around him. Oh, and to make him even more of a troubled hero, he has a slight issue with stealing things he finds John Wilkerson Author Educationinteresting. And yes, he did take the ray gun… you’ll have to read Mother Tesla’s Death Ray to understand the reference.

Rye Ironstone: Mother Tesla’s Death Ray

Rye-Ironstone-Tesla-Death RayNikola Tesla’s death ray has been found in a hidden Appalachian laboratory. Rye Ironstone, security guard from the local university, watches in horror as the weapon turns his beloved home town into a smoldering battlefield. Not willing to hide from the danger, he sets his mind to solving the mystery.

All the while, Special Bureau One, a secret government organization, partners him with a woman old enough to be his grandmother. Dr. Gael Gale, Zen master and university professor, leads Ironstone into a world of strange investigations and teaches him to tap into his own ‘special skills.’

If Ironstone and his new partner fail, a fanatic-religious group will use the weapon to destroy Washington D.C. Their dastardly plot intent upon correcting the moral decline of the nation—one charred building at a time.Rye Ironstone Amazon

Rye’s irreverent look at life and 1980’s political incorrectness, sets him on a roller-coaster of encounters as he learns to wear his new badge of responsibility.

Rye Ironstone: Chernobyl Zombie

Rye Ironstone Chernobyl Zombie Author John WilkersonSpecial agent Rye Ironstone champions the idea, the 1980’s were cool, the cold war could be won, and the undead may be the deadliest problem the United States faces.

The Soviet Union uses Chernobyl radioactive slag and cocaine to breed a plague of radioactive zombies destined to destroy NORAD, the world’s most powerful military bunker, which jeopardizes the United States ability to protect the free world. Hydra, the secret biker gang and protective force from Special Bureau One is infiltrated by KGB agents and must be saved through Ironstone’s quick action and unorthodox investigation skills.

All the while, Rye struggles to stay one step ahead of the radioactive cocaine the Russians are peddling, and with PreRye Ironstone Amazonsident Reagan’s blessing, he sets out to eradicate the cocaine-zombie infestation. But will Rye survive his own zombie transformation?